Atlanta CAB


Atlanta Community Advisory Board

Mission: To integrate community involvement into the Atlanta WIHS research efforts.

The Atlanta WIHS Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes a diverse group of WIHS participants and representatives from the community who are involved in HIV/AIDS services or research. They provide ideas and advice to the local WIHS program. The CAB meets each month with research team. Everyone who attends the meetings follows strict privacy guidelines.


Atlanta CAB Members 

  • Erna Abu-Smail                            Atlanta WIHS CAB Assitant Liaison
  • Mashanda Burton (Washington)     WIHS Participant
  • Maritza "Mimi" DeJesus                 WIHS Participant
  • Jemea Dorsey                              CEO, Center for Black Women’s Wellness
  • Linda Felix                                   Founder, The Faith Project
  • Damaris Henderson                      HIV/AIDS Outreach Specialist, SisterLove, Inc.; WIHS Recruiter
  • February Hill                                WIHS Participant
  • Eleanor Hillman                            WIHS Participant
  • Kelley Joseph                               WIHS Participant
  • Letecia Reeder                             WIHS Participant
  • Patsy Samor                                Wellness Coordinator, Center for Black Women's Wellness
  • Kayla Smith                                 Atlanta WIHS CAB Liaison; Clinical Site Coordinator
  • Lauryn Taylor                              WIHS Participant, National CAB Representative
  • Lanell White                                 WIHS Participant; AID Atlanta