Community Advisory Board

National Community Advisory Board

The National Community Advisory Board (NCAB) is made up of one to three study participants from each local WIHS site. The NCAB provides a place for members to give their views and ideas on the WIHS research plan.

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The purpose of the NCAB is to:

  •  Provide on-going community, scientific, psycho-social, and political input to the national WIHS agenda
  • Help design procedures to guarantee that WIHS participants are representative of the larger community
  • Help design procedures to update, educate, and support these participants over time
  • Help design procedures to guarantee access of HIV infected/affected women to WIHS research sites and keep these participants over time
  • Promote for enough research funding to allow the full WIHS research agenda to be completed
  • Provide support to local community advisory boards and encourage involvement at local levels
  • Help to communicate WIHS-related information to the community
  • Represent and be available to community members for WIHS-related matter

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