WIHS Science

Working Groups


WIHS establishes diverse working groups with representatives from around the country. Reseprentives from WIHS-Atlanta serve on the working groups many capacities. Our Atlanta staff and investigators on these working groups are listed below:

Aging Working Group

  • Igho Ofotokun-- Site Lead
  • Marcia Holstad
  • Anna Rubtsova
  • Neale Weitzmann
  • Gina Wingood

Behavior and Substance Abuse Working Group

  • Gina Wingood-- Site Lead
  • Ralph DiClemente
  • Paula Frew
  • Marcia Holstadt
  • Anna Rubtsova
  • Drenna Waldrop-Valverde

Cancer / Pathology Working Group

  • Lisa Flowers
  • Gina Herring
  • Cecile Lahiri
  • Minh Nguyen

Data Management/Epidemiology Working Group

  • Anna Rubtsova-- Site Lead

Female Genital Tract / Pathogenesis Working Group

  • Anandi Sheth-- Site Lead
  • Lisa Haddad

Genomics Working Group

  • Gene Brody
  • Christa Martin

Gynecology Working Group

  • Lisa Flowers-- Site Lead
  • Lisa Haddad

Hepatitis / Liver Working Group

  • Minh Ly Nguyen-- Site Lead
  • Kimberly Workowski

HPV Working Group

  • Lisa Flowers-- Site Lead
  • Gina Herring

Laboratory Working Group/WIHS Specimen Allocation Committee (WSAC)

  • Kehmia Titanji-- Site Lead

Metabolic / Vascular Working Group

  • Neale Weitzmann-- Site Lead
  • Igho Ofotokun
  • Leslee Shaw

National Community Advisory Board (NCAB)

  • Lauryn Taylor

Neurocognition Working Group

  • Albert Anderson-- Site Lead
  • Drenna Waldrop-Valverde

Pharmacology Working Group

  • Anandi Sheth-- Site Lead
  • Igho Ofotokun

Pregnancy Working Group

  • Lisa Haddad-- Site Lead
  • Lisa Flowers
  • Minh Ly Nguyen
  • Anandi Sheth